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Pro-Secure Anti-Theft Protection

Customer Coverage and Benefits

After application of our Anti-Theft system and depending on policy coverage selected, should your vehicle be stolen and not recovered after 30 days, you will be eligible for certain benefits as outlined below:

• Terms of up to 10 years from the date of purchase
• Loss of vehicle coverage options from $3,000 up to $6,000*
• Deductible Protection – up to $1000*
• Rental Vehicles during the 1st 30 days– up to $1000*
• Meals, Lodging and Airfare if you were 150 kms. from home at time of theft– up to $1000*
• Auto Theft Damage and Household Effects Deductibles for laptops etc. left in vehicle– up to $1000*
• Customer Credit – (Vehicle Replacement allowance at original selling Dealer if replacement vehicle purchased within 120 days of reported loss date)

*An aggregate may apply for total claim pay out based upon coverage selected.

Toll Free Assistance in the event of claim (1 800 661 6910)

The Pro-Tech Seal Online Warranty Registration ensures immediate registration of your Warranty Coverage and allows fast and efficient claims handling procedures.

The Pro-Tech Seal Customer Warranty is the best in the business providing both the Customer with improved and expanded coverage for Peace Of Mind Motoring.

•All warranties are transferable
Toll Free Assistance in the event of claim (1 800 661 6910)
Fully Insured with coverage in continental North America

Pro-Tech Seal offers 3 different types of Vehicle Security;


*Metal Label

*Glass Etch


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