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What can CHIP do? CHIP analyses your driving habits and updates you on things liked KM’s driven, and fuel used. CHIP also analyses your vehicles Health and notifies you of needed repairs. CHIP even educates you on what you should be doing to maintain a healthy vehicle.

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Why does Chip make my life easier?

Dashboard: lets you see, track and record driving behavior, trips, times, distance, speeds, RPM, battery voltage, engine temperature etc.
Diagnose: allows you to do a quick engine health check through default codes, so you know your engines status.
Statistics: gives you the ability to review and compare your current driving habits, knowledge is power!
Maintenance: enables you to keep your vehicle healthy with the ability to store records and set reminders for things like, oil changes, filter changes and system flushes etc.
Set Up: gives you the ability to personalize Chip and upload/store all important documents such as vehicle purchase agreement, warranty documents, maintenance records though Glove Box.

This unit comes with our downloadable App called CHIP OBD

Does Chip come with warranty?

Chip has a 6-year warranty for manufacture defects. The installation of CHIP also provides eligibility for “Bodyshield® Force Field Warranty” benefits for the vehicle. This Bodyshield® warranty includes a no inspection, 6-year warranty that covers you against corrosion and/or oxidation on steel and aluminum. Chip is the only product on the market today with a warranty confident enough to cover all body panels, all metals and even seams!

-Patented Pending Revolutionary Design!
-Uses “EP” Electronic Pulse Technology
-Includes Bodyshield® Warranty Corrosion coverage on your vehicle
-Easily transferred to your next vehicle
-100% safe to the user and to the environment!
-No holes drilled in your vehicle

Quality features, backed by extensive research and design:

• Provides Protection to areas where Chemical Protection Programs don’t cover
• Optimum combination of voltage and frequency to provide maximum protection
• Automatically adjusts according to the size of and metal alloy your vehicle
• Will not interfere with existing vehicle electronics
• No labor to install!
• Customers can install it themselves in a matter of moments!
• Uses Bluetooth 4.0, connects to your smart phone!
• On-board memory-historical data storage for 90 days!
• Three on board micro processors, one micro processor dedicated to ”EP” Mode
CE, FCC and ROHS Approved

To install our App on your Android or Apple device, click here!

If you are in need of the Chip Install instructions, a copy of the booklet can be found here

If ever you have any app or connection issues, please do not hesitate to contact 1–877-455–4593.

Ask your Dealer for further details!

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