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Paint Gard


Is a new high-tech chemical formulation designed to prevent fading and oxidization while increasing the flexibility and durability of the new clear coat automotive painted surfaces. Lowering the probability of complete paint removal by stone chips and scratches thereby reduces the possibility of rust formation.


  • Contains 2 to 3 times the active ingredients found in other sealants
    * PSS 535 & PSS 536 monomers crosslink, forming a super polymer bonding to the paint.
    * Retards Oxidation & protects vehicle from harmful ultraviolet rays due to ozone depletion..
    * White chalking appearance is eliminated.
    * Transforms the finish to resist rain, ice, snow, salt and harsh detergents.
    * Does not require a restoration product and eliminates the need of waxing.
    * Can be applied by hand, orbital or circular buffers.
    * Is adaptable to two step application for damaged paint surfaces.

(Optional) Surface Rust Warranty
Guaranteed Protection from Surface Rust caused by stone chips and scratches

Formulated specifically for new two coat paint system. Many car care shops don’t understand the special handling the new base coat/clear coat paint finishes require. The two stage painting process begins with a flat color coat (basecoat) topped by a thick, clear, protective layer (clearcoat). When the finish is cleaned and polished, only the top layer is affected. The color basecoat is still vulnerable to fading from the ultra violet ray damage from sunlight. Sealing the clear coat with Pearl Guard Sealant will protect and maintain a cars original new car look.

An automobile paint conditioner product designed to remove light to heavy scratches, oxidization and other paint imperfections before application of paint sealant for a two step process. Designed for high speed buffer application. Available in light, medium or heavy cut.

Pro-tech Seal has revolutionized the Paint Sealant application process by reducing the labor costs seventy five percent.

  • Normal vehicle preparation
  • Spray on Pearl Express rather than hand application
  • Cars & Trucks application in 60 seconds
  • RV application in 5 minutes
  • Air Spray applicator required
  • Buff to shine
  • Cars & Trucks in 10 minutes
  • RV’s in 30 to 60 minutes using Telescoping Buffing wand

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